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Relaxing away from home

 The Runs/Units

We now have:

11 Standard units each with its own outdoor run.

6 Standard Indoor Units with no outside run. These units are larger than the other single rooms to make up for the lack of outdoor space. Ideal for 'Indoor Cats'.

1 Large Unit complete with its own outdoor run.

1 Extra Large (Family) unit with its own outdoor run.



Hi, my name is Jill and I have been running Padside Cattery for over 30 years. I also have over 30 years experience with cats and other small animals. We have recently replaced our old cattery building with a brand new purpose built one incorpoarating materials and systems aimed at keeping it clean and warm and very cat friendly. The new underfloor heating is an absolute delight for all of us!

The cattery is still compact, having 19 runs of various sizes, this means I still have the individual time needed for each cat, to ensure they settle well with me and therefore have a stress free time whilst in my care. This is important for me as it means I can properly look after your cats and live up to our 'Where your cat comes first!' motto.

The cattery is licensed for 35 cats.The various different runs/units available are described  seperately alongside this text. The inside area of each unit is equiped with cat climbing posts/scratching posts, toys, bedding and of course that underfloor heating. The outside areas enable the cats to move and play, or just sit and watch the various other wildlife that we have around the cattery.
To Provide that Home from Home atmosphere we encourage our customers to bring in anything from home that will help their pets to settle in with us. This includes beds and any toys.

If you are intending to board your cat(s) with us they must all be up to date with flu/enteritis & Leukaemia boosters,and you must be able to provide a current vaccination certificate. Flea and worm treatments must be given at a minimum of 3 monthly.  It is also requested that you use a prescription only product purchased from your vet, as shop/online products are not effective in the treatment of fleas and worms.

A Standard Unit with its own outdoor space

(Through the cat flap)